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Diederichsen Consulting was created in 2010 by Rick Diederichsen.  Mr. Diederichsen has been active in buying and selling used printing, finishing, packaging, and injection molding equipment around the world.  He has also been frequently called upon to provide equipment and business evaluations.  Diederichsen Consulting has been a valuable resource for companies looking to maximize the resale value of surplus equipment and those looking to add pre-owned equipment from a company that has exhibited integrity and reliability over many years.  

Logistics has become an extremely important part of our business.  For many years we shipped equippment and supplies across many borders and we have developed a particular expertise in shipping to and from Mexico.  Call on us to more efficiently and safely handle your product shipping needs.

Rick Diederichsen
Founder and CEO

40 years in the graphic and packaging equipment industry.  Retired from Heidelberg USA after 31 years.  Mr. Diederichsen has proven himself a valuable asset to those looking to manage their surplus equipment and efficiently use their existing resources to improve production, and the logistics to efficiently ship across borders.  Managing Member of:

                              Diederichsen Consulting


                             Moble/WhatsApp: +1 310-962-0565

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